Welcome to Lime and Lemon!
My new home and a place to put my dolls here on the web.Its going to take a while till im organised and have my dolls uploaded so please bare with me.
Im Rosina,but prefer to be called Ros and im active in several dolling forums like Glam and a couple of others and i also have a Deviant Art account where you can find me as LimeandLemon.Ive been dolling for a few months now and can see an improvement in my work gradually but hopefully over the next months/year i will improve alot more and be able to show you what i can acheive with more effort and patience.

A couple of things i must ask if you decide you like my dolls:
1) Please credit me if you want to adopt anything here.
2) If something says NO ADOPT then please do not take as it will be theft and theft just is criminal!

Banner graphic made by me using a base by DHF